Hiring an Insured Lawn Care Company

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You finally decide to hire a Mississauga lawn care company after months of debating with your partner, and today is the day you get to come home from work to see your professionally manicured lawn. When you pull into the driveway you notice a scrape, about two inches thick, running the length of your driveway…. Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Your Garden

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Not everyone can say they have a green thumb. Most people are lucky to know someone who can simply navigate their way around a garden, let alone the garden shed. Green thumb, or not, garden maintenance doesn’t have to be as hard as you think – or as expensive. To achieve a garden worthy of… Read more »

The art of Grass Cutting

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It’s 6 o’clock on a Wednesday night and you’ve been putting off cutting the grass for two weeks. While most of us see pulling out the lawn mower and pushing it around for an hour a chore, there are a select few suburbanites who have a different opinion. These proactive, and oddly creative people see… Read more »

Emission Free Lawn Care

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What is emission free lawn care? Emission free lawn care is the practice of maintaining a green space without using methods that create pollution. There is more to it than reducing emissions. Sustainability and organics go hand in hand with emission free techniques. As a whole, the main goals are to reduce emissions from burning… Read more »

What is the best electric lawn mower?

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When grass cutting season arrives, electric lawn mower manufactures flood the market with advertising. Every spring, hardware stores have the shelves stocked with new models trying to get into this competitive market. They all use their advertising techniques that make it difficult to distinguish between what’s stated and what the reality is. The reality is,… Read more »

Do we need gas equipment for lawn care?

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Gas powered lawn care equipment is on its way out. “The engine in a gas-powered lawn mower produces eight times the pollution that a car engine does.” Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada Website. “If all Canadians avoided idling for just five minutes every day, we could prevent more than 2,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide… Read more »

The best Grass Cutting Service in Mississauga.

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The best Grass Cutting Service in Mississauga. Here’s why. Kick Gas Lawn Care is an Emission-Free lawn care company operating out of Mississauga Ontario. All our equipment is battery powered and does not create emissions that harm our environment. Kick Gas utilizes state of the art enclosed cargo trailers, equipped with solar panels to harness… Read more »

Mississauga Lawn Care-Leaf blower noise pollution.

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Leaf Blower Noise Pollution is becoming a major concern. Ever wake up to the sound of gas powered leaf blowers at your neighbour’s house or across the street? It’s not a pretty sound. Gas powered leaf blowers create air, soil and noise pollution and many states are banning them. There have also been petitions and… Read more »