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As the hot summer sun shines down on our lawns this month it’s hard to forget that soon enough your green lawn will be covered in the red and yellow leaves of fall. To make sure your lawn looks this good next year it’s important to get a head start on your fall clean up. Here are 10 Life Hacks to get you through this fall in Mississauga.


If you’re using a metal rake, you understand the pain of having leaves clog up the bristles.

Instead of stopping your flow to take the leaves off, flip your rake over and drag it on the ground. Think; flip, drag, and go.


Try raking your leaves onto an old tarp and then dragging the tarp (covered in leaves) to wherever your compostable bag is.

This method beats trying to carry the heavy leaf bag around your yard. The city of Mississauga offers vacuuming services for residents who use this method, no bagging required.


If you don’t have any tarps available, you can use an old recycling bins to transfer more leaves into the bags.

Using one hand to rake and the other to hold the bin, rake leaves into the bin and trap them with the bristles of the rake. Transfer the load into the bag.


Keeping the compostable bag open can be tricky.

This fall, grab a box from your local Mississauga grocery store and use the flaps on one side as a funnel to direct the leaves in the bag.


If you’re the homeowner with the largest yard on the block, it helps to know you can rent a powerful blower from your local hardware store to help out with the big fall clean up before winter.


Do you have a hard time reaching your gutters with a leaf blower?

Worry no more. By attaching a flexible drain spout onto the end of your leaf blower you’ll be able to reach those hard places.


If you have some extra time, and want to use less compostable bags, use a rotary mower to grind up the leaves before bagging them.

Make sure the blades of the mower are sharpened before starting. This tip is also helpful for those who compost leaves on their own.


Leaf collector attachments for riding lawn mowers can be expensive but YouTuber, Brothgar has made one himself and shows you how to do the same in his video.


Leaves on decks can be annoying to sweep up week after week.

To avoid sweeping, grab a portable floor fan and use it to blow the leaves off your deck.


Before putting your tools away for the winter clean any blades with vegetable oil and handles with sand paper.