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What is emission free lawn care?

Emission free lawn care is the practice of maintaining a green space without using methods that create pollution. There is more to it than reducing emissions. Sustainability and organics go hand in hand with emission free techniques. As a whole, the main goals are to reduce emissions from burning gas and oil, reduce water and soil pollution from chemicals and gas spills and reduce noise pollution. This movement has been in existence for only a little more than a decade, but has been increasing in popularity. As technology improves, this movement will grow and set a new standard for lawn care.

Who can benefit from Emission Free Lawn Care?

Besides the obvious environmental impacts, there are many people, or organizations that can directly benefit by choosing an Emission Free Lawn Care Provider.

Families with young children. Gas powered equipment is noisy. Parents who have young children that are napping in the afternoons would love the quieter equipment. All parents know how important that afternoon nap is.

  • People who work from home would greatly appreciate equipment that does not cause excessive noise pollution. You can work from home with your windows open.
  • Elderly people or children with breathing difficulties. Emission Free Lawn Care methods create a safe breathing environment. No gas fumes or emissions equal cleaner air.
  • Seniors homes and day cares. Both places are ideal candidates for emission free lawn care practices for numerous, obvious reason.
  • Businesses or organizations with a green business model. Having a gas consuming lawn care company taking care of your green space creates a certain image. The same goes with an emission free company. Businesses and organizations with green business models should improve their image and stay true to their beliefs.

What’s in the future for emission free lawn care?

The future for this movement looks very bright. The key will be improvements in battery technology. Lithium is in short supply and is very expensive. The next step will be sodium batteries. Sodium makes up 2.9% of the earths crust, so it’s readily available, which would bring down costs. More importantly, it’s safer and cleaner than lithium. With advancements in batteries and brush-less motors, emission free lawn care will soon surpass traditional methods. The only reason gas powered lawn care methods are still #1 is because of the upfront cost of the equipment. A gas powered mower has approximately a 15-20% efficiency rating, while battery electric is closer to 80-85%. A gas powered engine loses a lot off energy, as a result of its design. Brush-less motors are far more efficient. Watch out for brush-less motor and sodium battery combination! They will make lawn care history.

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