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Micro Clover Lawns

In the late 1940’s clover was a standard in all grass seed mixtures. When broad leaf herbicides where created to control lawn weeds, clover was targeted as well. There are many differences between traditional White Dutch Clover and Micro Clover. It’s time to bring clover back, and take advantage of what it can do for your lawn and the environment. Kick Gas is an Organic Lawn Care Mississauga provider that believes a green lawn does not have to come at the expense of our environment.

The Benefits of Micro Clover Lawns

Micro Clover is an incredibly beneficial plant that not only looks fantastic, but supplies your lawn with nitrogen. Micro Clover converts nitrogen gas from the air and enriches it into the soil, resulting in a green, healthy lawn. While most lawns stop growing once the summer is over, Micro Clover lawns are incredibly tolerant to both lower temperatures and harsher conditions. When grass is starting to die off at the end of the season, Micro Clover is still green. A benefit that all homeowners would appreciate is less weeds. Micro Clover is a broad leaf plant that out-competes unwanted weeds. We use a Micro Clover a in two styles of applications: grass/Micro Clover blend, or 100% clover. There are benefits to both methods.

100% Micro Clover Lawns

For many homeowners, 100% Micro Clover lawns have many benefits. Not only do they grow with ease and reliability, but they also require significantly less care. When it comes to Mississauga lawn care, say goodbye to frequent fertilizing. Better yet, your lawn will be growing so well you won’t even consider having to use herbicides or pesticides. Furthermore, brown spots that can be caused by pet urine will not happen on Micro Clover lawns. The most effective way to achieve a Micro Clover lawn is to overseed your current lawn using repeated applications. As an Organic Lawn Care Mississauga Service, providing alternative methods to our customers is paramount.

Grass and Clover Seed Blend

If you love the way a traditional grass lawn looks, but you also want to reap the benefits of a Micro Clover lawn, a grass/clover seed blend is ideal for you. When using a grass and clover seed blend, a short growing grass provides the best results. Chances are this is the type of grass already on your property. The Micro Clover and grass blend work together to reduce weed growth, meaning you’ll spend less time worrying about weeds and more time enjoying your beautiful lawn. Clover grows much longer and under more difficult conditions than grass. Better yet, combining clover and grass means that you won’t notice brown spots caused by inconsistent growth or drought, which can happen easily during Mississauga’s hot summers.

Mowing Micro Clover Lawns

Micro Clover grows from about three to four inches in height. A 100% clover lawn would require very few cuts in a season. Unlike most clovers and some grasses, micro clover tolerates close mowing much better, due to the natural height of the plant. Micro clover is an ideal lawn seed choice for Organic Lawn Care Mississauga customers who require a low maintenance lawn, or don’t like using excess chemicals. Grass and Micro Clover will still need regular mowing. Contact us for your Organic Lawn Care Mississauga service provider.

Kick Gas Lawn Care provides environmentally friendly lawn care and property maintenance services throughout Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Micro Clover

Q: Do I need to worry about bees?

A: No. Micro Clover produces very few flowers, so you won’t need to worry about little feet getting stung.

Q: Is Micro Clover expensive?

A: It is more expensive than grass seed. You can expect to pay about 25% more for Micro Clover seeds. The money you save in the long run, far out weights the initial cost.

Q: Is Micro Clover prone to disease?

A: Excessive chemical nitrogen attracts diseases and pests. Since Micro Clover produces its own nitrogen, there is no need to add chemicals, resulting in less diseases and pests.

Q: Is Micro Clover affected by pet urine?

A: No. Micro Clover is extremely resilient to the effects of pet urine. It will not turn brown like grass.

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