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The best Grass Cutting Service in Mississauga. Here’s why.

Kick Gas Lawn Care is an Emission-Free lawn care company operating out of Mississauga Ontario. All our equipment is battery powered and does not create emissions that harm our environment. Kick Gas utilizes state of the art enclosed cargo trailers, equipped with solar panels to harness energy from the sun. We do not tap into the power grid. This system produces more than enough energy to keep our equipment running all day.

Emission free lawn care is new to the industry and there are only a handful of companies operating in North America. The technology is not new, but the concept of using this technology to replace gas powered two stroke engines has only been around for the last decade. Many equipment manufacturers are seeing the popularity of this movement and are making amazing technological advancements such as, high powered batteries and brushless motors. This equipment performs just as well as gas powered equipment and will only get better as time goes on.

The benefits of emission free lawn care are numerous and too important to ignore. In this day and age, when environment protection is paramount, consumers need to be aware of their options and make good choices. Many people want to make a change, but don’t really know where to start. The words “emissions” and “organic” are embedded into our minds on a daily basis. The concepts may be overwhelming for some. Making a decision like choosing an Emission Free Lawn Care Company is a simple way to help make a difference. Imagine your city, or even your world, without gas powered lawn care equipment. There would be less noise in the fall, no gas spilled in our soil and emissions would be greatly reduced.

The end result is the same. Your grass looks great, your garden looks great and the leaves get cleaned up. So why use gas? I guess old habits are hard to break.

Consider using Kick Gas Lawn Care for your emission free lawn care provider, if you are in Mississauga. If you are located elsewhere, do some research and find a company in your hometown.