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Leaf Blower Noise Pollution is becoming a major concern.

Ever wake up to the sound of gas powered leaf blowers at your neighbour’s house or across the street? It’s not a pretty sound. Gas powered leaf blowers create air, soil and noise pollution and many states are banning them. There have also been petitions and much talk of banning them in Canada, and rightly so. In Vancouver, gas powered leaf blowers have met some serious guidelines and restrictions.  For instance a gas powered mower cannot be used within 50 meters of a residence on Sunday. Mississauga Lawn Care companies have become dependent on this method of operation, and are very reluctant to change their ways.

Kick Gas Lawn Care uses lithium ion battery’s and are significantly quieter than gas powered two stroke engines. No more gas fumes, massive dust clouds and excessive noise. Battery electric equipment is the way of the future. It may take some time, but there will be a day when gas powered equipment will become obsolete.

Kick Gas uses the Echo 58v lithium ion series lawn mowers, and Husqvarna lithium ion battery chainsaws, hedge trimmers, line trimmers and blowers. With this type of equipment readily available, there is no need for creating such a significant amount of emissions.

Mississauga is known for being a green city and Kick Gas Lawn Care is doing its part to help with this image. We are Mississauga’s first and only emission free lawn Care Company. Say goodbye to gas powered leaf blower noise pollution and hello to Kick Gas Lawn Care.

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