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Window Cleaning in Mississauga, Toronto & Oakville

Window Cleaning By Kick Gas Lawn Care!

Yes, we do windows! Nothing says "pride of ownership" more than a well kept home - and clean windows is a big part of it. Keeping your windows, screens and tracks clean prevents damage and can help put off the need to restore or replace them for many years. At Kick Gas, we clean windows inside and outside in a safe, efficient and non disruptive manner, and can customize a service schedule to suit your needs. We are fully insured and we employ the latest and most advanced environmentally friendly Pure Water window cleaning system which provides our clients truly outstanding results.

Kick Gas Lawn Care provides Window Cleaning in Mississauga , Toronto & Oakville.

Small, Medium & Large
$120 - $170+

Kick Gas Lawn Care provides Window Cleaning services throughout Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Small, Medium & Large
$155 - $230+

Window Cleaning Prices For
Mississauga, Toronto & Oakville
Structure Size Exterior Pricing Interior Pricing
Small Bungalow $120 $120
Medium Bungalow $135 $135
Large Bungalow $170 $170
Small Two-Storey $155 $155
Medium Two-Storey $180 $180
Large Two-Storey $230 $230
  • Please note, these prices are provided as a rough guide.
  • Excessively dirty windows, screens or tracks may affect pricing. We do not do storm windows or windows that are painted shut. All windows must be vinyl and fully operational.

Window Cleaning with the Pure Water Fed Pole System

The Pure Water Fed Pole System is the new standard for cleaning exterior windows, while staying mindful of the environment. It utilizes a technology which completely purifies ordinary tap water, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without the use of cleaning chemicals or detergents. By introducing the Pure Water extendable pole system, we achieve a window cleaning system that is second to none.

Spots and streaks are caused by impurities in municipal tap water. Conversely, pure water becomes an aggressive cleaning agent. The de-ionization system in the Pure Water Fed Pole System yields 99.99% pure water. As a result, when the pure water dries, it does so with no streaking and no spotting - all without the use of soaps or squeegees.

Kick Gas Lawn Care provides Pure Water pole fed window cleaning services in Mississauga , Toronto & Oakville.

Why is this beneficial?

Windows cleaned with detegents and other cleaning agents are generally left with a very fine film which will eventually attract dust and particles. Pure water cleaning leaves windows absolutely film and residue free, which means they will actually stay cleaner for a longer period of time!

Another important benefit of the Pure Water Pole System lies in the telescopic pole. Since telescopic poles are used, there is no need for ladders or lifts. Pure Water telescopic poles can access windows up to 60 feet from the ground, eliminating any health and safety concerns.

Hassle Free Invoicing & Payments

Kick Gas Lawn Care uses paperless billing. Mowing and maintenance services are prepaid. You can pay monthly, or for the season in one or two easy instalments. We accept the following payment options

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Interac
  • Cheque
  • E-transfer
  • Cash

Sustainability Resources & Information

Kick Gas Lawn Care offers unique information for our customers. Find out how you can become a better environmentalist.

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