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Fall Fertilization

If you were to choose one time in the season to fertilize your lawn, fall should be that time. In the fall, your grass is recovering from a long hot summer. On the opposite end of the spectrum; winter is tough on grass roots, and in order to survive throughout the winter they need potassium. You can do this yourself, or contact an Organic Lawn Care Mississauga Company.

Fertilizing yourself is really quite simple. In September or October, get a good organic fertilizer, which is formulated for fall applications. “Fall Application” should be clearly marked on the front of the bag. A broadcast spreader can be used for larger properties. You can purchase one of these at your local hardware store for $30-$50. Follow the instructions on the bag. It is always a good idea to measure the square footage of the area you are fertilizing. This way, the correct amount of organic fertilizer will be applied. Its good practice to go half the recommended speed and spread going horizontally and vertically across your lawn to get an even spread. Apply your fertilizer before rain or water after applying. As an Organic Lawn Care Mississauga Service, we have utilized the above practices with great success and are happy to share these tips with you.

Myke Organic Fall Fertilizer is Kick Gas Lawn Cares first choice for this application. It breaks down slowly and has natural ingredients such as feather meal, bone meal and organic matter. Organic Fertilizers are significantly better for the environment. They don’t leech excessive chemicals into our water, or destroy the natural environment living within your soil. Another advantage is that Organic Fertilizers break down slowly and provide a consistent supply of nutrients. Therefore, only three applications are needed throughout the season: Spring, summer and fall.

Kick Gas Lawn Care offers Lawn Care packages and Emission Free Lawn Care Services, designed to keep your lawn healthy all season long. Our services are sage for children and pets.